2014 Columbus, OH MS Walk

We volunteered this year at the Columbus, OH Multiple Sclerosis walk held at the Columbus Zoo April 12th. This year I volunteered in the Kids Zone teaching kids a little Yoga. BigLots! sponsored the Kids Zone and I had a good time with the kids. I worked with a few groups and we did as much laughing as we did Yoga. I’ve done Laughing Yoga before, but this was natural laughing, we had a blast!

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Re-post: Oil Pulling Therapy

Oil Pulling is good stuff and every time I mention Oil Pulling to someone they usually have never heard of it. So I wanted to re-post this information again. Since starting to Oil Pull in April, 2011 I have had no issues with fatigue. I faithfully Oil Pull 2-4 times a day, everyday.

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UZIT Certified, and What is a UZIT

I’m an official UZIT! I have the piece of paper that says I’m official.


What is a UZIT? UZIT is an Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Practitioner. I’m now able to treat patient’s symptoms in the UZIT modalities of: Essential Oil Therapy, Reiki, Yoga Therapy (breath awareness, in-bed movement, guided meditation), and contemplative care. Symptoms treated: Pain, Anxiety, Nausea, Insomnia, Constipation and exhaustion. UZIT focuses on the patient not the treating of the disease.

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Juicing Movie: “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”

This is an interesting movie by Joe Cross on how he fasted with vegetables and fruit, ran through a juicer. It’s about Joe an Australian fasting for 60 days drinking green juice as he travels across the US. Watch the video to see the transformation with Joe and others. It includes weight loss and elimination of prescription drugs. You can watch the movie free on Hulu or you can rent or purchase it.

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My Valentine Story

I have a story I want to share with you. I spent last weekend (Valentine’s Weekend) without my wife at a Three Day Silent Retreat True Nature Holistic Retreats.  Carol was okay with me going since I had to cancel in December when my father had an unexpected surgery. I needed to attend this retreat as part of my UZIT training and wanted to get it finished so when I completed the clinical part I could move forward without waiting for a Retreat at a later date.
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