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#11 “Yoga Minute” Internal & External Leg Rotation

Yoga Chuck July 16, 2014 0 comments 0

This gentle leg rotation without resistance works the ball and socket of the hip. The movement is great for the hip joint by brining synovial fluid into the joint for lubrication.

Sit closer to the edge of your chair so the back of the extended leg rolls smoothly without binding against the chair seat. With one leg extend and the back of the heel against the floor. Flex the foot and begin slowly rolling the whole leg internally and externally. With the whole leg rolling, the main movement is where the leg connects to the hip and everything connects.

Other benefits of this movement is it works most of the hip joint and many muscles of the leg for the internal and external rotation. Helps with hip mobility. By practicing the “Internal & External Leg Rotation” you’re stretching to maintain a free and healthy rotation in the hips that lubricate and nourishes the joints.

Just remember any movement is good movement. If your limited in the range of rotation your still benefitting from any movement.

These videos are designed for inactive beginners, seniors, baby Boomers and people with most any illness or injury. The majority of these poses are in a chair and most can be done from a wheelchair. I’ll also be posting these videos on my You Tube Channel “Yoga Chuck” and Facebook page “Yoga Chuck”. All poses should be a No Pain No Pain practice and avoid having discomfort. 

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck



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