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2016 Columbus & Findlay, OH MS Walks

Yoga Chuck April 27, 2016 0 comments 0

We Volunteered at the 2016 Columbus & Findlay, OH Multiple Sclerosis walks and had a good time as always. The Columbus walk was April 9th and the Findlay walk was last weekend April 23rd. At the Columbus MS walk my wife Carol, sister Mani (Manuela), her husband Derick, their son Devin, and their exchange student Niklas volunteered with me. James…

Healthy Knees and Yoga, 2

Yoga Chuck April 14, 2016 0 comments 0

Alignment, Alignment, Alignment! Is as important as it gets for healthy knees. Starting with the feet since they are the base and the grounding for the rest of the body. If the feet are not aligned and balanced then it translates misalignment in the knees, causing possible knee pain and deterioration. Two common alignment problems are when the feet either…

Healthy Knees & Yoga, Part 1 of 2

Yoga Chuck April 7, 2016 0 comments 0

Knees might be the second biggest complaint I hear about, with back pain being first. My three word theory on keeping knees healthy and there’s probably more truth than theory to it: Alignment, Alignment, Alignment! We already know Yoga benefits all joints including the knees. Because Yoga brings the entire body into Alignment and balance with safe stretching and strengthening…

Yoga for Seniors video

Yoga Chuck April 1, 2016 0 comments 0

I have been extremely busy lately so it’s been a few weeks since my last website post. One thing that is taking a lot of my time is a Yoga DVD that I am working on. I’m a client of the Heidelberg University marketing department and we have come up with the idea of using the raw data I have…

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