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#30 “Yoga Minute” Seated Side Angle Pose

Yoga Chuck January 6, 2015 0 comments 0

Extended Side Angle pose is one of the classic Yoga poses that I’ll be modifying as a “Seated Side Angle Pose”.

Begin seated and move so only the upper right leg and buttocks are on the chair. The right knee is bent at a 90° angle with the knee above the right heel. The left leg can be on a 90° angle at the hips with the knee pointed straight out from the front of the chair or lengthened extending back for more of a hip opener if comfortable.
Keep the chest and the hips facing the front of the chair as much as you can. Inhaling lift the arms up and out to the sides even with the shoulders. Exhaling, angle the torso a little to the right, bend the right elbow and rest the forearm on the right thigh with the left hand resting on the left hip.
Bend the left elbow and place it next to the ribs. Then extend the hand and arm up next to and past the ear straitening the arm. You’ll have a clean line from the left hip up through the left torso, arm and hand. If comfortable, look up at your left palm or under the arm. Looking at the left palm will help line the neck up with the spine and assist in keeping the chest open. Repeat pose on the other side.

Benefits: Opens the chest for larger lung capacity working the respiratory system. Stretches both sides of the torso, especially the side on top stretching from the hip to the hand. Neck is lengthened as well as the shoulder and arm.

Being seated in this pose allows you to work on tweaking the pose including alignment in the upper body and not worry about alignment and balance of the legs.

These videos will work for most inactive beginners, seniors and people with some illness or injury. I’ll also be posting these videos on my You Tube Channel “Yoga Chuck” and Facebook page “Real Yoga, LLC”. All poses should be a No Pain, No Pain practice and avoid having discomfort.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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