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#40 “Yoga Minute” Modified Child’s Pose

Yoga Chuck March 10, 2015 0 comments 0

“Modified Child’s Pose” is a great version of Child’s pose if you have tight ankles, knees and/or hips.

The full version of Child’s Pose can be found in the previous post #39 “Yoga Minute” Child’s Pose.

For the “Modified Child’s Pose” start by placing a rolled blanket under your ankles if it puts a strain on your flattened feet and ankles or your getting cramps in the feet. Next open the knees to allow for the belly and torso to drop between the legs. Use one or two folded blankets placed between the your back thighs and calves and feet. This buffer relieves the strain in the stretch across the knees, thighs and hips when the buttocks drop to deep toward your heels.

Leave your arms forward, about shoulder width apart for support. You can even have the head on your stacked fists or a pillow. The arms should only be beside you if the hips are not to high. With to much height in the hips and head on the floor with your arms beside you creates strain on your unsupported neck.

I’ll also be posting these videos on my You Tube Channel “Yoga Chuck” and Facebook page “Real Yoga, LLC”. All poses should be a No Pain No Pain practice and avoid having discomfort. 

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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