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#41 “Yoga Minute” Extended Child’s Pose

Yoga Chuck March 18, 2015 0 comments 0

“Extended Child’s Pose” is a great way to get length and strength in a resting pose.

The full version of Child’s Pose can be found in the “Yoga Minute” video #39 “Yoga Minute” Child’s Pose.

Begin “Extended Child’s Pose” by kneeling on the floor, feel free to place a blanket under the knees for comfort. Opening the knees to make room for the belly. Toes are touching or almost touching. As you exhale, lye between the thighs with the torso or you can have the knees together and rest the torso on the thighs. Let the buttocks drop back toward the heels while the head, neck and shoulders drop toward the front of the mat.

Now take the arms forward in front of the shoulders with the palms against the floor. The arms are straight and lengthened without touching the floor. Palms pressed strongly into the floor supporting the arms, shoulders and upper back. With the hips back, there is not a lot of weight on the hands so you can work on lengthening the arms, shoulders and back.

The bodies weight is supported by the feet, knees and hands. This restorative pose should feel good.

Stay in “Extended Child’s Pose” at least 30 seconds, longer if comfortable, up to 1minute. When coming out walk the hands back to the knees and come up seated on the bent legs.

Benefits: Stretches your arms, shoulders, back, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. Relaxes your spine, shoulders, and neck. Increases blood circulation to the head. Can relieve back and neck pain. Calms the body and brain helping to relieve stress.

You may want to avoid this pose or consult your doctor if you have hip, knee and or ankle problems, high blood pressure or pregnant.

I’ll also be posting these videos on my You Tube Channel “Yoga Chuck” and Facebook page “Real Yoga, LLC”. All poses should be a No Pain No Pain practice and avoid having discomfort. 

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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