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Adult Day Care Center

Yoga Chuck July 8, 2016 0 comments 0

DayBreak of Fostoria, Inc

I’m putting information in this weeks post about an Adult Day Care Center called “DayBreak of Fostoria, Inc” that I’ve been teaching Yoga at for the past 6 months.  They are an Adult Day Care program specializing in the needs of those with memory problems such as Alzheimer’s Diseases or Dementia.
I’ve had experience teaching at two Assisted Living Facilities with residents who have Alzheimer’s Diseases and Dementia for several years giving me the experience to work with “DayBreak of Fostoria, Inc” clients and I see that they are well cared for and loved.
A friend of mine who’s mother had Alzheimer’s had camera’s in her home so they could watch her through their phone. They also took all the knobs off the stove as well as other inconveniences to keep her safe. Time to time they would have to leave work because they saw that their mother had fallen. They stated that if they knew of “DayBreak of Fostoria, Inc” they would have used this service. So if you feel you need the service so you can work or need some respite care and live in the Fostoria, Ohio area then give Kim Kreais, Director of “DayBreak of Fostoria, Inc” a call at 419-435-4022. If you live elsewhere then shop around and see if you can find an Adult Day Care type facility in your area.

Check out the brochure below.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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