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Alignment and Balance

Yoga Chuck March 28, 2013 0 comments 0

This post is only a small amount of information on Alignment and Balance. From the online site Balance Center: “Studies indicate that 80% of people in the United States will suffer some form of debilitating back pain in their lifetimes. This is in sharp contrast to some other cultures around the world, where back pain is present in less than 5% of the population. Noelle Perez, of the Institute D’Aplomb in Paris, conducted extensive research into the differences in lifestyle, which might be related to back pain.

The common thread in Portugal, Costa Rica, Bali and other countries with low incidence of back and joint pain is simple. People have different posture than we do. And they have little or no back and joint pain. These people stand, sit and move slightly differently than we do, in a way that does not produce the tension that so many of us feel in our backs.”

In my 200hr Teacher Training at Yoga on High we were taught about the bones supporting our weight. The only healthy way this happens correctly is if the bones are staked or aligned properly. With better alignment the bones support most of our weight opposed to our muscles which may help lead to less fatigue in our day.

With proper alignment the head is floating above the heart, shoulders over the hips, hips over the knees and the knees over the heels.

Another consideration is for us to work opposing sides of our body. If we work the front, then work the back. For instance if you do situps to work on your wash board abs and don’t work on your back then one side is short or contracted while the other side is long or lengthened. Another example is every day we are hunched over in the our cars, couches, computers, papers and books in a constant Forward Bend. And if we never work the other side by doing Back Bends this can bring our bodies out of balance and we will not be aligned. Without balance and alignment we are not as healthy as we could be.

I believe when we are balanced and aligned it takes less energy to move in any direction do to the elimination of physical tension. Maybe with less physical tension it will relieve mental tension too.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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