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Anjaneyasana, Low Lunge

Yoga Chuck February 21, 2013 0 comments 0

Anjaneyasana “Low lunge”. Low lunge is a modification by having the back knee and top of that foot on the floor and using blocks for balance and to keep the chest up and  open. I use this version of the modified pose in the first four weeks of my New Beginner class and as parts of other poses in more Advanced classes.

Low Lunge

One way to come into the pose is start from Standing Forward Bend (see my Previous Post “Yoga Lunge Video”) and step one leg back lowering the back knee and top of that foot to the floor while keeping the front knee over or behind the front heel. You want to allow the back leg to slide back as far as comfortable. If needed for more comfort you can place a blanket under the back knee. Keep the arms under the shoulders and shoulder width apart. If comfortable you may take the spine into a back bend.

Note about the front knee over it’s heel. This is to protect the knee and ankle. Since the back knee is on the floor in this version of a Lunge you’re taking weight off the front leg allowing you to bringing the knee in front of the heel more safely. If you notice any pain or discomfort, back out to protect the knee. For beginners I recommend getting into the practice of keeping the front knee over it’s heel or behind it.

Having the knee on the floor in this modified pose is great for support until you build strength and flexibility before moving to other versions of the Lunge.

Benefits: Stretches the front thigh, groin (quadriceps and hip flexors). Hip opener with a deep hip stretch. This is a safe pose due to the support of the back knee on the floor and hands on the blocks. You can tweak the pose to add depth and come out easily and quickly if moving into the uncomfortable zone.

You may also feel a positive energy coming from the back foot all the way up the back body to the head.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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