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Findlay Ohio MS Walk

Yoga Chuck May 4, 2012 0 comments 0

Findlay Ohio MS Walk

Last weekend was the Findlay Ohio Multiple Sclerosis walk. It broke a record of 245 registered walkers and more that registered the day of.

The weather started out fine but eventually ended up with some rain and sleet. One of the benefits of the Findlay MS walk is that it starts and ends in the University of Findlay – Koehler Athletic Complex which has an indoor track that several walkers chose to walk to avoid the possibility of getting caught in the rain. It also benefits those with physical disabilities giving them an option to walk on the track and come off at any point.

I had a table setup with Yoga information geared for people with MS. I was available to answer questions and demo poses. To my surprise only about 10 people visited my table, not sure if it was the Yoga or myself that scared them away. Maybe they were intimidated thinking Yoga is not something they can do. FYI: anyone can do Yoga no matter your disability; bed, wheelchair, walker, cane… Remember this, we are all at a different place in our lives. When you choose to do a physical exercise do it at your own pace. Today you might be feeling different then yesterday so make adjustments, modify so you remain comfortable and in control in whatever exercise your doing.

I feel good about the people I talked with because they are planning on trying Yoga. Two are in my area and plan on attending my classes. The others I directed to Rodney Yee’s beginner DVDs who I started with and he has made dozens and does a great job from his beginner to advanced DVDs. Take your time following the DVD you choose and if it’s to fast which is common then slow the DVD down and even if you have to go frame by frame and dissect the pose, that’s what I did when I started.

I would like to set up a display again next year but will have to rethink how I present my information and myself so that I can attract more interest in people wanting to investigate the world of Yoga.

Yoga is a Slow medicine that can change your life for the better, take the step today and get a beginner DVD or search for a studio that works for you.

Healthy & Happy,
Yoga Chuck

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