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Hand Grip Exercise and More

Yoga Chuck March 9, 2012 0 comments 0

This post will cover Hand Grips and more from “Yoga Chucks Physical Routine” series.

The video in the previous post shows me doing hand grip exercises while doing kegel exercises, so I’ll explain the benefits I believe I’ve received.

In 05, 06 when I was at my worst with “Multiple Sclerosis” I was on disability and home all day. Carol my lovely wife works 10 minutes from home and I would have lunch on the table most days when she came home. The problem I was having, when setting the table, I seemed to be dropping about one glass a week, so I switched to plastic. Every time I would move something hot or breakable I had to mentally think about holding it to prevent myself from dropping it.

I came across the hand grips and began squeezing them several times a day. Shortly thereafter I began noticing a difference with control and not having to mentally think about picking up a glass and focusing on holding tension so it wouldn’t slip out of my hand, this was awesome. Was it the hand grip exercises or my body recovering from the worst exacerbation of my life that drug on for a few years. I don’t know but to this day I continue doing hand grip exercises.

I’ve developed a routine three days a week 30 hand grips per hand. I use the thumb and all four fingers doing 15 per hand. Then I use the thumb, index, and middle finger 15 per hand. On the video I do 12 total per hand for demo purposes.

If you think this is something you may try, I would suggest using foam hand grips or a balled up hand towel squeezing into a fist to start out .

The hand grip exercise works the fingers, thumb, wrist and forearm. This type of movement with resistance I think helps the communication between the brain and hand as well as builds strength. Also, for years I had chronic pain in the left thumb from a previous injury, now it does not bother me when I keep a regular practice of the hand grips.

As for the leg extensions and contractions it’s just something I have added over the years. It is a coordination thing working everything together. I feel it links the muscles, ligaments and tendons so they are all moving and working together building more control and strength with the whole body.

The abs and buttocks exercise are just a bonus side effect that happen as a default pretty much whenever I do the kegels, and hey who would argue with working the abs and buttocks without costing you more time.

Healthy & Happy,
Yoga Chuck


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