MaryAnn Kromer, The Advertiser-Tribune, thanks for featuring me in your Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month article.

I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from this article, I think I’ve heard the word inspiring at least a dozen times. Well I never expected to have that kind of effect on people, I’m glad I have.

If you’ve had enough birthdays you’ve been through some kind of crap along the way. It could be emotional, physical or both but socially it’s labeled as negative. You may have been abused as a child or adult, from a spouse, lost loved ones, gotten a disease and the list is endless.

You have to find a way to draw strength from these and make the outcomes somehow positives no matter how long it takes. If you don’t it will slowly eat at you sending you deeper into the abyss.

For me when these things happen I may feel sorry for myself to a point then somethings got to give. Am I going to let this send me into a non-return depression or do I come out swinging taking on the ugly and become  stronger and find peace with it. Once you can tame the negative you’ll be a better person from the experience. It will always be there but you put it in the back corner of the brain and throw a sheet over it. Like putting a sheet over a noisy bird cage, they settle down and become peaceful but they are still there.

Life is one big experience made up of millions of small experiences. Like the quote “You take the good with the bad”, so push the bad out of the way and embrace the good.

I’m not alone, everyone has a story and I think we have some control on how the rest of the story is written. So be creative and rewrite your story.

Healthy & Happy
Yoga Chuck