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Kudos to the MS Video Marketing Team

Yoga Chuck December 15, 2013 0 comments 0

I want to acknowledge the three Heidelberg University students who have been working hard on marketing our video “Real Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis” for their marketing project. I was approached by their professor and graciously accepted their offer to market our video. I had several meetings with the highly motivated students involving an interview, presenting ideas and coming up with the final marketing plan. Erica, Cierra, and Molly have great personality’s, are professional and completed everything they set out to do. They truly went above and beyond.

A couple things the students put together for us was a 2 minute video to put on our You Tube Channel, and Facebook page also creating the Facebook page Real Yoga, LLC.

If you’re interested in purchasing our video click on Buy Now in the sidebar or go to Amazon.

Erica Huffman
From Strongsville, OH
Majoring in Sport Management and Marketing
Career goal: market for a professional sports team

Cierra Bishop
From Risingsun, Ohio
I am a double major in Accounting and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.  After I graduate I plan on doing the Accounting for my parent’s and husband’s businesses.  Someday I would like to go into the banking field.

Molly Schriber
From Sidney, Ohio
Business Administration. Graduate Dec 2013 (so done!!)
Played Soccer and Basketball
It was a pleasure working with Chuck and getting to understand MS and yoga. Was a great experience.

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