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Modified Locust Pose

Yoga Chuck May 31, 2013 0 comments 0

Last week I demoed¬†Full Locust Pose in a video, this week I’ll demo a couple of modified Locust Poses in my video. To recap some of the benefits: Works upper and lower back. Strengthens muscles of the lower back and improves flexibility. Strengthens the shoulders and arms. Also recommended for relieving sciatica and pain in the lower back and Improves digestion.

If you were having trouble lifting the legs in Full Locus Pose try one leg at a time.
To begin: Lie down with the belly on a mat. For more comfort lie on the carpet, blanket or towel below your pelvis, belly and ribs. Arms along your sides with palms facing up. Forehead resting on the floor.

On your next inhalation lift the head, neck, shoulders, upper torso, arms and the right leg with the top of the left foot pushing into the floor. Hold 5 to 10 seconds, if comfortable, and release the leg back to the floor and immediately repeat on the other side. Continue 1 to 3 times each side the whole time keeping the head, neck, shoulders, upper torso and arms up.

If you were having trouble lifting the upper torso with Full Locus try using the arms to assist you.
To begin bring the hands beside the chest on your finger tips with the forearms perpendicular to the floor as much as you can. On your next inhalation push into the fingertips lifting the head, neck, shoulders, upper torso and legs away from the floor. Pushing into the fingertips helps lift the upper torso supporting some of the weight.

The buttocks remain firm as you reach through your legs lengthening. Also lengthening through the spine. Head slightly up without hyper extending the neck as you gaze forward. Continue breathing throughout the whole pose without holding the breath.

Hold the pose 5 to 30 seconds and release with an exhalation and repeat 2 more times if comfortable.

It’s not how high you can go, focus more on lengthening the spine.

Healthy & Happy,
Yoga Chuck

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