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MS DVD Cover by Rachel Ferguson

Yoga Chuck June 6, 2013 0 comments 0

Rachel Ferguson has done an amazing job in designing the DVD case cover for the

IMG_4052video “Real Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis“. Scroll to the bottom to view cover. Next week I’ll have a more detailed picture of the cover when it’s available for sale on my site. The picture to the right is the background that Rachel painted. As you can see I’m using it as my background on my site as well. She also hand painted the film tape that runs across the front and back of the case.

A little information about Rachel: Rachel Ferguson of Brighton, MI and 2013 Graduate of Heidelberg University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications and Theater Arts with a minor in Writing.

How we met: Jennifer Gebhart and I were ready to find someone to design our DVD cover when I was fortunate to meet Rachel Ferguson. She was graduating from Heidelberg University in a month when she dropped into my Yoga class for a couple weeks before finals. I overheard the word graphics and of course I had to ask and the rest is history.

Rachel Ferguson agreed to design the cover without hesitation. Rachel is a dedicated hard worker who was committed to our project from the moment I asked her. And her great personality compliments her work ethic. She was sometimes working 12 hour days at her day job and still worked on our cover. She would make quick changes to the many edits I sent her way, she encouraged edits. She said it’s our project and make as many edits as necessary until it’s the way we want it.

This is one of those times when I can say everything happens for a reason.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck



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