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MS Yoga Video Update/Fatigue

Yoga Chuck October 18, 2012 0 comments 0

This weekend we are shooting the Fatigue chapter in the MS Yoga video. Below is part of my notes for this chapter. The Fatigue chapter in the video will run about eight minutes .


Fatigue is probably the number one symptom in MS. I personally reduced my fatigue considerably through posture and breathing giving myself more energy. Alignment and proper breathing has helped me get and stay healthy.

Lets start with posture. A large percentage of people stand with poor posture. The 3Cs (Computer, Couch and Car) is how I describe three main culprits that round our shoulders, upper and lower back with the head forward. If our bodies are left in this poor posture long term we become frozen into this habitual posture. The longer we remain in this posture it becomes the norm and we accept the way it feels. But one of the problems is as we age our poor posture continues to decline and it doesn’t have to. I know if you practice Yoga and work on your posture as described in this video you will lengthen your spine and your neutral spine will return. This may allow you to feel healthier and be healthier

That’s a taste of one small part of  the video along with Yoga poses designed for people with MS that will also be applicable to other illnesses. A rough date of completion will be spring 2013 and shortly thereafter it will be available. We have a video name and once we make sure it is available and we secure it,  I’ll post it.

I’ll continue to update the progress of the video.

Healthy & Happy,
Yoga Chuck

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