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My Valentine Story

Yoga Chuck February 19, 2014 0 comments 0

I have a story I want to share with you. I spent last weekend (Valentine’s Weekend) without my wife at a Three Day Silent Retreat True Nature Holistic Retreats.  Carol was okay with me going since I had to cancel in December when my father had an unexpected surgery. I needed to attend this retreat as part of my UZIT training and wanted to get it finished so when I completed the clinical part I could move forward without waiting for a Retreat at a later date.

When we finished the first day of the Silent Retreat, at 9pm, I went to my room and opened the folder with my study materials and found a Valentine card from my wife. Then when I opened up my luggage, there on top I found another card. After finding four cards from Carol I found a filth card labeled Charles, instead of Chuck. I opened it and the cover read “To My Son”, it freaked me out for a split second while I’m trying to process what this card is doing in my suitcase since my mom passed away 12 years ago. It had a poem on the front and “I Love You!” printed on the inside with a paragraph of hand written words. I’m still confused until I read the words my wife had written: “Not sure if you remember this card, but we found it in your mom’s house. I know she would be SO proud of you for everything you have and will continue to accomplish”. I was floored!

At the retreat we had one chance to break our silence and it was Saturday night from 8-9 for poem reading. I’m not really into poetry and was never much of a book person until recently, so I had no poem to read. Others read either poems or stories they had brought, memorized or from a book in one of the various book cases at the Retreat. I had not planned on reading a poem and then I got up and retrieved the card from my room. I read the poem on the front and explained the story, everyone was touched.

My wife had no idea we would be reading poems and I’ve never been in a situation to read a poem or story but it felt right at that moment.

To My Son

I Stretch my hand and try to touch
The little boy I loved so much.
And though I still discern his face,
A gown up man is in his place.

I look at you and realize
You’ve grown up solid, sure and wise.
I pause, and lovingly reflect
That you are someone I respect.

Bless your heart, may it beat strong,
Bless your life, may it be long.
I gaze at you with so much pride
And still hold dear the boy inside.

By: Vicki Felix

Carol is an amazing wife, once again surprising me with four valentine cards and the one my mom planned on giving me before she passed away. I believe in energy and things line up at the right time for some reason or maybe it’s just coincidence, I can’t explain it but something directed Carol to put that card in my luggage. I think I’m a pretty tough guy but this card softened me a little, for the moment.

I love you Carol and Mom

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