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PAIN, can be Lessened or Eliminated

Yoga Chuck December 28, 2013 0 comments 0

Pain is always occurring in our lives. Some we create and some we have little to no control over. We can reduce the level of our pain and sometimes stop the pain altogether without drugs.

Merriam-Webster defines Pain: “The physical feeling caused by disease, injury, or something that hurts the body. Mental or emotional suffering, sadness caused by some emotional or mental problem.”

When I went through basic training 30 plus years ago we were given a series of shots. We stood in line with a tech on each side of us hitting us with an injection gun in each arm simultaneously. You knew what was coming as you watched the guys getting hit ahead of you. It was virtually painless because it confuses the brain by not being able to focus on one side or the other.
At one time I had given myself hundreds of shots (intermuscular and Intravenous) over a 6 year period for MS. When I was in a hurry and my mind was thinking of what I was going to do next the pain was minimal or non existent.
My dad gets a shot daily in the abdomen and after his surgery last week he couldn’t do it himself. I gave him his shot and at the same time I had someone pinch his arm so the brain could not focus it’s attention completely in one place. When I asked him how it felt he said it hurt less then when he does it himself.
I had to get a flu shoot, and TB test a month ago so I can do clinical rotations in a hospital for the UZIT program I’m going through. Before each injection I took my mental focus to my feet grounding through my shoes to the earth and I felt nothing (maybe the nurse was really good).

If you take your mind to a part of the body as far away from the pain as you can it will relieve the pain. Lets say you have pain in your shoulder. Think about starting at the soles of your feet, toes, ankles and slowly scan the body working your way up noticing how each pain free part feels. The area of pain in the shoulder will actually lesson or be eliminated.

Most pain we have is isolated in one area and if we compare it to the rest of the body that has no pain. It’s a small percentage compared to the rest of the pain free body. So by taking our mind as far away from the pain to an area that has no pain we can reduce or eliminate our pain.

The mind is powerful, these examples show what is possible to lessen or eliminate your pain.

Happy & Healthy
Yoga Chuck

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