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Yoga Chuck May 31, 2012 0 comments 0

What is Reiki? Reiki (Ray-Key) is a Japanese word representing the principle of Universal Life Force Energy.

Webster Dictionary: “A system of touching with the hands based on the belief that such touching by an experienced practitioner produces beneficial effects by strengthening and normalizing certain vital energy fields held to exist within the body.”

“A Reiki session induces the relaxation response. This is a term coined by Dr. Benson of Harvard Mind/Body Institute describing the state when the brain exhibits the Alpha brain wave pattern. Studies have shown that when the body relaxes deeply, the immune system is able to work more effectively and the healing process is enhanced. ” From Elaine Melody Thomas, Reiki Master, Comes from the Reiki I “Handbook for Students”.

I use a massage table when doing Reiki. When I do a Reiki treatment on someone they are fully clothed in comfortable clothing and if they are open to me using Aromatherapy I’ll diffuse an essential oil into the air before there arrival. Also with there approval I’ll combine essential oils with the Reiki treatment. I use the essential oil Valor on the feet for grounding and confidence and a different essential oil for the back of the upper neck letting them choose the oil by smell or I will choose one that may help with an issue they are having. The rest of the the treatment is Reiki without essential oils applied. The actual treatment takes one hour but the total time can take up to one hour and thirty minutes.

Reiki has three levels; 1, 2 and the 3rd one can either be a Practitioner or Practitioner/Teacher (Reiki Master/Teacher). I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher.

If you live in the Tiffin, Ohio area contact me for a treatment or look for a certified Reiki teacher in your area.

Healthy and Happy,
Yoga Chuck

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