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Seated Cat – Cow Pose

Yoga Chuck August 9, 2012 0 comments 0

The Seated Cat – Cow pose is for anyone having trouble getting to the floor to do Cat – Cow pose or if you’re seated for many hours this pose will help get fluid flowing to the joints from the neck to the hips.

To set up Seated Cat – Cow; sit in the chair so your back is not against the back rest. Sit with a neutral spine; head over the heart, shoulders over the hips and feet flat on the floor with knees over the heels. If short legs you may need blankets or props under feet and if long legs put blankets or props on the seat of the chair. To help you get the neutral spine tilt your hips a little so the sit bones go back and up and the pubis bone goes down and under. This will give you the neutral spine with the neck and lower back concave and the middle back convex.

Begin by putting pressure on your thighs with your hands to elongate your spine and starting with Cat pose, exhale bring the belly to the spine and your back toward the chair back. Simultaneously tilt the hips under so the sit bones move toward the front of the seat and the shoulders rounding forward with the head dropping. Then follow with Cow pose by inhaling and bringing the belly forward with sternum and chest coming forward and up with the shoulders coming back and head coming up and back as far as is comfortable, putting the spine in a back bend. Simultaneously taking the sit bones back.

Tips: When tilting the hips front or back the skin and part of the the muscles remain in place against the chair while the sit bones move a few inches either direction. If you have a neck injury or pain let the head remain as an extension of the spine, not letting it drop and lift.

This pose can be performed when seated in front or your computer, TV, sporting event, car and a lot of other seated locations.

Seated Cat – Cow pose can help with seated posture, stretches the spine and neck, massages the spine and internal organs, opens the chest to allow more breath to come in, The movement with the breath in Cat-Cow relieves stress and tension as well as calms the mind.

Healthy & Happy,
Yoga Chuck

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