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“Ayurveda 9”, Yoga Chuck’s Ayurveda Series. Probiotics Taking daily probiotics is one of my Ayurveda practices. It’s probably important for me to take them because of the drugs and treatments I had in the past for my Multiple Sclerosis, see below. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for us, mainly  for our digestive system. Our bodies are…

Oil Pulling Update

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I had a friend post this on a FB page that I’ve copy and pasted to give an update to my previous Oil Pulling blogs. I find it very interesting reading and it makes sense to me the parts I understand. My previous Oil Pulling blog: https://www.yogachuck.com/ayurveda-7/ Friends Post Follows:

Alternate Nostril Breathing

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Alternate Nostril Breathing or Left Right Breathing is a great breathing practice to balance the brain and more. As I’ve mentioned before, breathing is more important than anything else we do. There is the “Survival Rule of 3” in extreme situations you “cannot live more than 3 minutes without breathing, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and 3…

Ayurveda 7

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“Ayurveda 7”, Yoga Chuck’s Ayurveda Series. Oil Pulling, followed by Salt Water I have been Oil Pulling since April 2011 and it’s one of my Ayurveda practices. One of the things that has changed is I’m not Oil Pulling four times a day anymore. With everything else I’m doing I feel I’m more in balance, so I’m only Oil Pulling…

Ayurveda 6

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“Ayurveda 6”, Yoga Chuck’s Ayurveda Series. Chewing Food for Health and Weight Loss. I’ve ate fast as long as I can remember. I’m now working on chewing food longer for the health of it. Chewing food longer slows the eating time and is a tough change to make, but it’s one of the changes I’m making in my Ayurveda practice…

Ayurveda 5

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“Ayurveda 5”, Yoga Chuck’s Ayurveda Series. Soak, Peel and Eat Almonds This is a Ayurveda practice of soaking 8 – 10 raw almonds overnight in water, peeling and eating. The almond skins are difficult to digest and if they are soaked and peeled they are a little soft and easier to eat and digest getting the most nutrients from the…

Ayurveda 4

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“Ayurveda 4”, Yoga Chuck’s Ayurveda Series.  Tongue Scraper This recommended Ayurveda practice of Tongue Scraping or cleaning the tongue is a daily practice for maintaining oral health that I’ve been doing for seven months to remove the ama (toxic debris). This gonk is taken off the top surface of the tongue that has built up overnight. If you clean your…

Ayurveda 3

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“Ayurveda 3”, Yoga Chuck’s Ayurveda Series.  Hot Lemon Water: One of the things I do to start my morning is drink a glass of hot water with 1/2 a lemon (which has about 20 mg of vitamin C) squeezed in it. This Ayurveda practice is a great way to clean the pipes. It kick starts the digestive system and eliminates…

Ayurveda 2

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“Ayurveda 2”, Yoga Chuck’s Ayurveda Series. My first experience with Ayurveda was in 2005 when I was at my worst with Multiple Sclerosis and I was looking for ANYTHING that would help me. I came across one of Deepak Chopra, M. D. books “Creating Health, How to Wake up the Body’s Intelligence“. Deepak talks about Ayurveda Medicine and how it…

Ayurveda Medicine?

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I thought I was eating, exercising and living pretty well for the last ten years. Then I attended a workshop and a couple weekends of Ayurveda training’s at “Yoga on High” with the teachers from CCA “California College of Ayurveda”  and had my eyes opened to a new world. Ayurveda is “a form of holistic alternative medicine that is the…

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