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Yoga Chuck May 16, 2013 0 comments 0

I’ve been busy! Next week I’ll put a video of a pose in, as requested by one of my students. I’ve been busy the last few weeks with a 3 day workshop, 2 MS walks and last weekend helping “Team Wilhelm” at the Relay for Life. Most of my other free time I’ve been working on the MS video.

It has been crunch time for the last few weeks with the MS video. The edits are complete and I received the final cut last Sunday before TJ the videographer left Heidelberg University for summer break.

Now I’ve switched gears on the video to the graphics design for the sleeve on the case. Rachel Ferguson who graduated from Heidelberg University last weekend is designing the case based off some ideas I gave her. She has already kicked over some ideas I never thought of. Great start so far.

Were hoping to have the video off to production before the end of the month.

Working on several to many other details; we hope to have everything completed and DVD available by July.

Busy, Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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