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Video Insert and Q & A for MS Video

Yoga Chuck November 17, 2013 0 comments 0

Below are the insert and Q & A segment that will soon be sent with all “Real Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis” DVD’s. It includes quotes from a Neurologist, a Physical Therapist, Chapter information, Tips, and Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. Click on inserts below to expand. Check out my page About MS Video.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:
Q: How do I breathe and when do I inhale and exhale?
A: Breathing in and out of the nose is optimal unless otherwise stated in the DVD. Typically we inhale when the body is expanding and exhale when the body is contracting.

Q: How long do I have to wait after eating to practice yoga?
A: Typically wait 1 hour after eating a meal.

Q: If I’m having an exacerbation, can I still do yoga?
A: Consult your physician first, but yes, you can usually still do yoga. Do only what feels good and rest more in between poses.

Q: How many days per week should I practice yoga?
A: Ideally you want to practice yoga 6 days a week, even if you only have time for 15 minutes. 3 days a week at 5 minutes each time is better than no practice.

Q: How long do I hold a pose?
A: 3-5 breaths (at least 20 seconds).

Q: Do I need yoga props?
A: It is recommended to have a yoga mat, which offers a slip resistant surface. You can use a bath robe belt as a strap. You can tape together old phone books to act as blocks.

Q: Can anyone do Yoga?
A: Yes. The Floor poses done on your back and the Care-giver section can be practiced in bed. Please remember to go at your own pace and modify and rest as needed.

Q: What is the best time of day to do yoga?
A: Morning is a great time of day to exercise. It can give you more energy throughout the rest of your day. However, do yoga any time that works for you. Setting up a specific time does foster a habit of regular practice.

Q: Will I hurt after?
A: You should feel great after and into the evening or next day. However if you stretch too far or push yourself too far, you may be sore. NEVER go into pain in a pose, back out of the pose until you do not feel pain.

Q: Should I drink water after?
A: Yes, drink plenty of water after yoga. Yoga releases toxins that get built up in tissues and water will help flush them out of your system.


You can purchase “Real Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis” video from the sidebar. You can purchase the video with your credit card using PayPal which is a secure site or on Amazon.

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