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What’s Age Got To Do With It

Yoga Chuck March 21, 2013 0 comments 0

Age is only a number and this video shows this. I’ve been practicing Yoga for 8 years and happier and healthier from head to toe than ever before in my life. I will be 49 this year and I feel like I’m in my 20s. Watch the video of the 93 year young Yoga Teacher (She is amazing and inspirational). Maybe I’ll have at least 44 good years left. 🙂

So what does it take to be the oldest Yoga Teacher? Honestly, I don’t know but I think if we have a regular Yoga practice, listen to and respect our bodies, eat right, and treat ourselves, the world around us, and everyone in it with respect and warm friendly interactions we could be heading in the right direction.

I think we are our worst enemy on how we feel. Most of us will likely get sick or encounter a chronic illness sometime in our lives and it’s like hitting a brick wall. The world as you know it comes to an abrupt stop (not the end unless you allow it). You will go through depression, feeling sorry for yourself and experience the lowest of lows. You have the option to remain at this dimly lit world and hate everything and everyone. Or you can begin the fight that will have endless rewards. It’s usually two steps forward one step back. But it is forward progress. You will never be the person you used to be. This is not a bad thing because it will be an uplifting positive new you. And from my experience you become a better person for it.

First you have to accept what has happened then begin to change your life’s paradigm. Once you accept and open yourself up, then the doors around you appear and they are endless and opening them takes minimal effort. It’s like your energy is pulling you toward the right door.

I look at life as one big experience made up of many small experiences. I want as many positive experiences as I can have. I think I make this happen by feeling and acting with such positive energy, it tends to line everything up. To compare this to Yoga; when the body is aligned and balanced it has it’s best chance of healing itself.

It’s not a perfect world. You don’t flip the switch and you’re in this peaceful perfect place. It takes time and along the way you will be tested. Stay positive and strong to get through the bumps in the road. We have the choice to change direction at any time and the outcome is usually by our own doing.

Final note, nothing happens in our lives without some effort. You have to work to make anything you want happen, and age is irrelevant. You can and will make changes throughout your life, just direct the positive energy in all directions and see what is reciprocated back to you. As you’ve seen by the video age does not factor in, you can begin at any age, even if only  with a breathing practice.

Happy & Healthy
Yoga Chuck

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