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Yoga Chuck in “Yoga Journal”, September Issue

Yoga Chuck April 22, 2015 0 comments 0

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYoga Journal” magazine has nominated me for their September Teacher Spotlight page. I am honored and excited about this opportunity. Below is the letter my student sent in that began this exciting experience. I also included the email from the  journalist and photos I sent in.


It means as much to me that my student Debi Wilson sent the letter to Yoga Journal as it does me being nominated by Yoga Journal. Thanks Debi.


I’m not sure if you are the one that this needs to go to.  If not, could you forward this to the correct person.  Thank you very much.

I know of a very unique person that you may want to do an article on in your Yoga Journal magazine.

He has been my yoga instructor for 4 years and is the most dedicated yogi I have ever met.  But the reason he is so dedicated is not in the sense of what you might think.  He has MS and has found the ONLY relief he gets from his MS, is to do yoga.  So he has decided to make a career from it.  His passion is to help people, old and young, in any way he can (even doing volunteer work) to improve their lives.

He is RYT 500 Hours, UZIT Practioner, Reiki Master, Aromatherapy and is currently enrolled in Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training.

His name is Yoga Chuck (Chuck Burmeister) and he is very well known in our small little area here in Ohio, but I feel his story is so remarkable and inspirational that it should be told.

Chuck has a website, and a blog which I invite you to look at.  He has a description of himself and how he is able to deal with his MS.  It’s quite a story.

Chuck has no idea I am writing to you about him, but I know he is so passionate about what he does, that he would be more than willing to talk to you.  I know you get tons of letters and emails like this and you are extremely busy, but please take a moment to check out his website.

 Thank you so much.  And oh, by the way, I absolutely love your magazine.  I’ve had a subscription for many years and read it from cover to cover.  You and your staff do a fantastic job !!


Debi Wilson

From Journalist:
Dear Chuck,

I am excited to inform you that Yoga Journal magazine has nominated you for their September teacher spotlight. Whoot whoot!  I get to break the happy news:)  I will be the freelance journalist doing the writing and interviewing.  The story is due April 6th, and I would love to set up an interview soon.
Please let me know your availability over the next week or so. I’m excited to speak with you in person!
Warm regards and congratulations,
These are the photos I sent to “Yoga Journal” so they can pick one and edit to go with the article. Photos taken at “Heidelberg University” in my town of Tiffin, Ohio by my wife Carol and Professor Pam Faber. We shot the pictures the first week of April, on a beautiful cool 27 degree day.













Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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