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“Yoga for Seniors” Video Information, 2

Yoga Chuck November 19, 2014 0 comments 0
Nathan Cutietta shooting & Esham Ahmed producing.

Nathan Cutietta standing & Esham Ahmed seated.

Esham Ahmed producing.

Esham Ahmed directing one of the Lessons.

Another day of shooting “Yoga for Seniors” with Heidelberg University Media Director Nathan Cutietta and student Esham Ahmed (Bio below).

I’ll give you a little more information about how “Yoga for Seniors” came about. I’ll start with the online education company. I’ve copy/pasted parts from their About section: “offers an innovative and engaging marketplace that connects lifelong learners with exceptional teachers around the world.” “is home to short-format video-based interactive lessons that help anyone learn about anything on their own time.”
Stay tuned, more info coming.
This company contacted me expressing how they liked the “Yoga Minute” videos on my site and asked if I would teach on their’s. I agreed and the ball began rolling.

I’ve worked with Mary Lou Kohne, Ph. D, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Nathan Cutietta, Director of the Media Communication Center at Heidelberg University on the “Yoga Minute” videos that students marketed and directed the shooting. Heidelberg’s staff and students creativity and hard work is why this company contacted me about teaching on their site. And that’s how the “Yoga for Seniors” video that will be streaming began.

I’m featuring each student who is participating in the video. Esham Ahmed is featured this week. Esham Ahmed is friendly, easy to work with and has given good ideas during the shoot. Below is about Esham Ahmed in his words.

“My name is Esham Ahmed. I am from Hickory, North Carolina. I am currently a senior at Heidelberg University majoring in marketing. I will graduate in August 2015. Afterwards I will be employed at a local marketing firm in Illinois.”

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