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“Yoga for Seniors” Video Information, 4

Yoga Chuck December 11, 2014 0 comments 0


Nathan Cutietta standing & Megan Miller seated

Nathan Cutietta standing & Megan Miller seated

Megan Miller directing one of the Lessons.

Megan Miller directing one of the Lessons.

This weeks “Yoga for Seniors” post is with Megan Miller. See below to learn more about Megan.

The video shoots are almost complete. Students and staff will be leaving at the end of the week for the their Christmas break. We will resume with a new group for the Winter Semester who will work on different parts of the video than the current group. The current group designed and produced the “Marketing Kickstarter” and observed the shooting of several lessons each. These students were fortunate to have Nathan Cutietta, Heidelberg University Marketing Director, explain and teach parts of the shooting world which they can use when marketing future products. He explained the dynamics of making a professional video.

The “Kickstarter Video” will not be viewable by the public until all lessons are published into a course and approved on the hosted site. The next two weeks I’ll post information on the video shoots we’ve done. After that, the “Yoga Minute” videos will be back.

Megan Miller is featured this week as one of the students working on the video. Megan is friendly, easy to work with and contributed during the shoots. She also volunteered to take notes at every meeting. She currently holds a full time job while attending school. Below is a statement about Megan, in her own words.

“My name is Megan Miller.  I am a senior at Heidelberg University where I am currently working towards my Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.  I will be graduating in December and plan on starting my Master’s degree of Business Administration right away at Tiffin University.”

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