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Yoga for Seniors video

Yoga Chuck April 1, 2016 0 comments 0

I have been extremely busy lately so it’s been a few weeks since my last website post. One thing that is taking a lot of my time is a Yoga DVD that I am working on. I’m a client of the Heidelberg University marketing department and we have come up with the idea of using the raw data I have from the “Yoga for Seniors” video, that I currently have streaming online, and taking the major parts from it for the DVD. I’ve had a number of seniors in my classes approach me and ask if “Yoga for Seniors” is on a DVD? This is part of the motivation to create the “Yoga for Seniors” DVD.

I am working on the video editing myself with editing software and I’m teaching myself how to use this software through YouTube training and a purchased training program. I have some of the editing started and I feel pretty comfortable in what I’m doing. I guess those who purchase the DVD will be the judge of that. Hoping to launch the DVD in September, if I have it ready to go. I’ll keep you posted with updates.

Right now the Heidelberg University Students and I have come up with a few videos that will probably be on more than one DVD. The videos are: A gentle 30 minute Beginner and a 30 minute Intermediate video, 2 breathing practices, 1 relaxation and how to get down and back up from the floor safely with and without a chair as a prop. We are still working out the details on how to configure and package these videos. Once they are completed they will be available on Amazon, Ebay and my website.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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