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Yoga on Vacation?

Yoga Chuck July 4, 2013 0 comments 0

Should I do Yoga on vacation? The short answer: YES. In this post I talk about how I practice Yoga on vacation.

Last weekend Carol and I took a four day vacation in Holland, MI with my sisters family. We had an amazing time.

Every morning my nephew Austin Syar a student at BGSU and I did a Yoga practice someplace in the hotel. Austin was a cast member in the video “Real Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis“. He does not have MS but was willing to help me with a posture demo in the chapter “Fatigue, Breath and Posture”.

I’ve found if I don’t practice my Yoga on vacation I start having MS symptoms creeping back in. So for me Yoga is a must. It’s my MS medicine that feels so good.

We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and when I checked in I asked for an extra bed sheet. I use the sheet to put on the floor so when I’m doing floor poses it gives me a barrier between the floor and myself.

The room was large enough I could have done my Yoga practice in the room but with Austin doing Yoga with me we choose a different location. Also when I wake up early on vacation I leave the room so my wife can sleep in peace.

We started at the front desk and the kind staff immediately said the conference room was not scheduled for the morning and the cleaning staff had not put the room back together from the previous evenings event so we were welcome to use it. Private room, how much better does it get. The next morning we went out on a deck off the gaming room and did Power Yoga.

I’ve been at larger hotels and you can always find conference rooms or empty areas nobody visits in the morning hours. You might have an occasional cleaning or maintenance staff come by but they don’t care. Some of the smaller hotels with at least 2 floors I’ll practice my Yoga on the stair landing between floors.

Most towns you choose a hotel in will have a Yoga studio. It’s always a great experience to try other studios and and teachers. I seldom go to a studio because the time they open and how late we would end up starting our day (we like to get started early). But on this trip Austin and I ended up doing two Yoga Practices in one day. We did the Ashtanga Power Yoga in the morning and did a Hatha practice on a sand dune in Tunnel Park overlooking Lake Michigan as the Sun was beginning to set. This was by far the best location I’ve ever practiced and  the teacher Alekasandra from Gazelle Sports was great. First two pictures below from Sand Dune Yoga practice.











Pictures below from hotel starting with Austin in Lion pose.






























Be creative when on vacation. Just ask and you’ll find hotel staff are generally happy to accommodate you. Women traveling alone should take special caution when selecting a location to practice Yoga.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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