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Yoga Chuck April 6, 2012 0 comments 0

Yoga can enhance your well being and health and is well known for its healing effects. Yoga is accessible to everyone no matter your physical ability. You can be anyone from an athlete to bed ridden. Yoga has many levels not just beginner, intermediate and advanced. But dozens if not hundreds of levels and the level can change from one day to the next. Yoga is beneficial regardless of your level of flexibility.

The thing about yoga is that you get better and better at it as you get older and older if you commit to a dedicated practice. It’s like a fine wine; it keeps getting better and better over time. You continue to improve physically and mentally for decades.

Always listening to and respecting the limitations of your body will help prevent injuries. Stay mentally aware and work up to the edge of your ability when it feels right. Be patient and over time you will naturally extend your limits. Also continued practice helps you quiet the mind.

If you commit to a dedicated practice of Yoga it becomes a habit, then a lifestyle and then it is a part of who you are. Keep it simple so that it’s not complicated causing you to lose interest.

If you spend at least ten minutes a day doing Yoga and stick with it you will notice a difference in how you feel almost immediately. This is something for YOU and it will begin the road to a better quality of life.

The next post will be a Yoga pose, until then continue your practice or if you are new to Yoga start a few minutes a day and enjoy.

Healthy & Happy,
Yoga Chuck

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