August 12, 2015

17 Lessons, "Yoga for Seniors" and more video

This is a screen shot of my video "Yoga for Seniors" on the website Just released!

You won't be able to click on any part of the picture/screen shot below to link you to the website. You'll need to click on the colored underlined text "Yoga for Seniors" and it will link directly to the page you see below that you can connect to. This is where you can start the free 7 day trial, you just have to put your name and email in to set up an account. If it's something you want to continue with then you can purchase a monthly subscription watching and practicing as much as you want plus any other videos on

"Yoga for seniors" includes 17 Lessons with over 3 hours of data. The lessons are gentle poses, (some more gentle than others) a great place to start for Seniors, inactive beginners with or without limited mobility, illness, injury and mobility issues.  The picture of me in the orange shirt is not a pose I'm demoing in the video. Curious chose the picture to represent me apparently showing that I know Yoga:) This course contains Chair/Standing/Floor poses. You can choose what part works for you.

Lesson 15 and 16 are a Beginner and Intermediate 30 minute videos for seniors. I start poses in a chair, move to standing then to the floor. So you can do only the chair portion for each practice until you gain strength to move to standing and to the floor, if you choose.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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