August 6, 2015

#53 "Yoga Minute" Rolling to Massage the Back

"Rolling to Massage the Back" is comfortable and releases tension while massaging and lining up the back.

Begin seated on the floor with bent knees soles of the feet flat to the floor. You have options on hand placements coming into the pose, you can grab the backs of the upper legs just above the knees or the upper shins in front just below the knees. Tilt your head, chin toward the chest and engage your abs as your arms are holding your torso weight and gently roll back on the floor.

Now bring your knees as close to the chest as you can. You can leave the feet beside each other or you can cross the ankles. Hand placement for the pose, hold the knees or grab the bottoms of your feet if ankles crossed. Now gently roll side to side allowing the whole body including the head to roll as one. Remain relaxed as you roll side to side and enjoy the back and spine being massaged and aligned.

Don't let your head come off the floor, if it does place a folded blanket under your head for support.

Rock side to side 5 to 10 times and to come out of the pose bring your body back in line with the weight balanced equally across both sides of the back and release your legs allowing the soles of the feet to rest on the floor. Rest for a couple breaths.

Benefits: Hip, lower back, middle and upper back massaged. It's also massaging and limbers the spine as it moves inside with applied pressure from different angles on the spine. Releases tension in the back. Also stretches the hamstrings and your glutes.

Happy & Health,
Yoga Chuck


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