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#8 “Yoga Minute” Chin Smiles Across Chest

Yoga Chuck June 25, 2014 0 comments 0

With “Chin Smiles Across Chest” pose you can feel the neck stretch all the way into the upper shoulders while it’s gently working it’s way around the sides and back of the neck.

Our normal tightness and tension may come from clenching our jaw and tension in the neck and shoulders that can cause pain, stiffness, bad posture, tension headaches and more.

You want to relax your jaw, neck and shoulders throughout the whole “Chin Smiles Across Chest” pose.

Start with a neutral spine: Neck relaxed and shoulders facing forward. Your head is over the heart and shoulders over the hips with the belly out a little noticing the concave curve in the lower back. Ground your feet and turn the head so the chin is over one shoulder. Now slowly let the chin draw a smile across the chest until the chin is over the opposite shoulder. If your experiencing any pain or discomfort limit the range of motion by not smiling from shoulder to shoulder with the chin. You want to limit the movement so you’re comfortable.

Benefits: Stretches the neck and a little of the upper shoulders releasing tension, stress and strain through this gentle movement.

You can “Chin Smile Across Chest” 3 to 8 times, once one way then the other equals one time. Pause for 30 seconds before repeating.

These videos are designed for inactive beginners, seniors, baby Boomers and people with most any illness or injury. The majority of these poses are in a chair and most can be done from a wheelchair. I’ll also be posting these videos on my You Tube Channel “Yoga Chuck” and Facebook page “Yoga Chuck”.
All poses should be a No Pain No Pain practice and avoid having discomfort. 

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck



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