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98-Year-Old Stays Young With Yoga

Yoga Chuck April 12, 2017 0 comments 0

A couple weeks ago NBC Evening News featured a story called “98-Year Old Stays Young with Yoga”.  I’ve placed a few inspiring videos below of Yoga Teacher & Ballroom Dancer Tao Porchon Lynch. The first video of Tao I seen was when she was 93. I thought if she can do Peacock pose in the video I should be able to do Peacock pose. It took a few tries and watching videos on how to get into the pose before I was finally able to do it. I was in my late 40’s almost half her age, not quite as impressive for me as it is for Tao.

Just remember your never to old. I’ve got several students over 100 that do my Assisted Living yoga classes. They are chair classes, but they keep coming because it makes them feel good. The sooner you start yoga the more years of benefits you’ll enjoy.

Enjoy and be inspired by these amazing videos.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

98-Year-Old Stays Young With Yoga, Ballroom Dancing

Click link below if you want to watch many more videos of Tao Porchon Lynch:


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