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"Healthy Yoga for Seniors Beginner" & "Healthy Yoga for Seniors Intermediate" DVDs are led by expert Yoga Teacher YOGA CHUCK (Chuck Burmeister) who discovered yoga after becoming disabled with Multiple Sclerosis and hitting rock bottom physically and mentally. Yoga transformed his life in so many positive ways. He feels younger, more energetic, extremely mobile and has increased range of motion. Yoga Chuck loves sharing what he has learned with everyone he can to improve their quality of life.

These gentle, easy to follow Yoga DVDs include modifications shown in picture-in-picture, and are perfect for those who are ready to begin taking back their lives. These DVDs are designed for seniors and baby boomers, but are also suitable for those living with most any disability, illness, injury and/or physical limitations. These step-by-step DVDs work as a great starting point on a path to better health and quality of life, transforming the way you look and feel.

THAT TIME IS NOW! These DVDs allow you to improve your balance, flexibility, mobility, coordination, strength, circulation, respiration, digestion and more. Yoga Chuck will also walk you through a Body Scan Meditation that relaxes you mentally and physically. It releases Anxiety, Stress and Tension calming the whole body including the nervous system to aid in better healing.

Yoga Chuck breaks down the poses as he walks through them with you. This allows you to understand how and why you're doing the poses.

Begin feeling the new you by transforming the way you look and feel with "Healthy Yoga for Seniors Beginner" and/or "Healthy Yoga for Seniors Intermediate".
If you choose both DVDs at the same time I will automatically include the FREE "BONUS POSES" DVD, a 13 minute video that includes a demonstration getting down and up from the floor safely and bonus poses.


"I first became aware of the therapeutic prowess of Yoga Chuck through a patient of mine who was thrilled with his instruction and improvement in her health. His ability to treat his own chronic inflammatory neurologic condition successfully with yoga is well known. This fascinated me to the point of my own involvement with his class in my search for mindfulness and health. Optimal health is achieved through individual effort and proper direction. Yoga Chuck is a master at this. I recommend yoga to virtually all my patients. The opportunity to learn from someone as skilled and successful as Chuck is a unique and precious gift to our community."

-   Dr. Andrew J. Gase


"Yoga is a safe and effective means to improve strength, range of motion balance and stabilization. These improvements carry over to performing everyday activities with increased ease as well as improving walking endurance and decreasing fall risk. This DVD allows senior participants to continue a yoga regimen at their own pace and continue their wellness journey in a safe way."

-  Julie Grimm, PT DPT
Physical Therapist



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