Walk MS, Findlay & Columbus

Walk for Multiple Sclerosis:
Last weekend was the 2017 Findlay, Ohio Walk MS at the Koehler Athletic Complex of Findlay University. My wife Carol, nephew Austin and James, the young man I mentor (pictured with me below) all volunteered. We helped set up before the walk and worked at different stations during the walk. Most of the walkers walked the track inside the Koehler Athletic Complex because the weather did not agree with an outside walk this year. The Findlay Walk was lucky to have James volunteering for them the second year in a row. He is a non-stop hard worker and he enjoys helping support the walkers at the MS Walk. A couple of ladies were fighting over who was going to get to work with him next year.

Next Saturday, May 13 is the Columbus, Ohio Walk MS located at the Columbus Zoo. Carol and James along with other family members of mine will be volunteering. If you don't have plans next Saturday morning, come walk and maybe I'll see you there. We usually work the final food stop, let me know if you are there, I'll be the bald guy:) The site opens at 7 a.m. walk begins at 8 a.m. The walk is inside the Zoo so you then spend the rest of the day at the Zoo. Register online or the day of.


Yoga Chuck & James
Manning the food station of donated food.


Yoga Chuck & Pat.
Pat lead the Findlay, Ohio MS Support group for years and years until she past the torch to Dana a few years ago. A former teacher with MS who put her heart and soul into the meetings and the annual Walk MS. She continues to volunteer. She's an inspiration! Love you Pat, never quite!







Heidelberg U Students Helped Market Yoga DVDs

I finished the "Healthy Yoga for Seniors" Beginner and Intermediate DVDs in January and put them for sale on Amazon. At the same time I began working with Heather West and Cassidy Frank, students at Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio. I've been their Marketing client for the Spring Semester. They worked on several projects for me. They changed my old business Facebook page with updates and we did an official launch of the DVDs on Facebook. We did a contest on Facebook and the winner received a free DVD.  Heather and I drew the winner live on Facebook. They also did a test on a mass email marketing campaign, put together a retail sales sheet (below), along with a tri-fold brochure (below, one side only showing) and so much more.

Heather & Cassidy were easy to work with and had great ideas. They also incorporated any ideas I had to come up with the best marketing campaigns for my DVDs. Heather also worked with me, one on one over Spring Break, where we accomplished a lot. Heather is a self-starter who demonstrates professionalism and maturity with creative problem-solving skills. She was able to get things done on time and with excellence, working independently or collaboratively. Heather was very resourceful as she worked closely with me on all the projects. I can't thank these girls enough for all their hard work.

Heather is from Cincinnati, OH and she graduates next month from Heidelberg University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration-Marketing, Minor in Psychology. She played basketball at Heidelberg for 3 years. Currently she is employed at Tiffin City Schools as the Coordinator, Marketing & Grant Writing Services. Heather is looking for a marketing position in the Cincinnati area.

Cassidy Frank is majoring in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing and Management. Cassidy is staying at Heidelberg next year to get her masters, but she is seeking a job or an internship in Marketing while she continues her schooling.
 Sales Sheet for Retail locations.
Information Tri-Fold, one side showing.

98-Year-Old Stays Young With Yoga

A couple weeks ago NBC Evening News featured a story called "98-Year Old Stays Young with Yoga".  I've placed a few inspiring videos below of Yoga Teacher & Ballroom Dancer Tao Porchon Lynch. The first video of Tao I seen was when she was 93. I thought if she can do Peacock pose in the video I should be able to do Peacock pose. It took a few tries and watching videos on how to get into the pose before I was finally able to do it. I was in my late 40's almost half her age, not quite as impressive for me as it is for Tao.

Just remember your never to old. I've got several students over 100 that do my Assisted Living yoga classes. They are chair classes, but they keep coming because it makes them feel good. The sooner you start yoga the more years of benefits you'll enjoy.

Enjoy and be inspired by these amazing videos.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

98-Year-Old Stays Young With Yoga, Ballroom Dancing

Click link below if you want to watch many more videos of Tao Porchon Lynch:



Yoga Chuck's WTSC Radio Interview

I was honored to be interviewed by Keith Hodkinson from WTSC Senecacountyradio.com.

Heather West, a Heidelberg University student, who has been working with me to market my new DVDs "Healthy Yoga for Seniors" Beginner & Intermediate.  And John Aragon of the Tiffin YMCA, where I teach Yoga, both contacted Keith about doing an interview with me to share my story of becoming a Yoga Teacher.  It aired this week so I thought I would share it with you.

Happy & Healthy
Yoga Chuck


What is Namaste? One of the most asked questions by my students. I give the simple explanation that it's a greeting, letting each person or group of people know that we are all equal.

Namaste is said at the closing of a Yoga class, usually following Savasana (relaxation). Namaste is a Sankrit word (nama to bow and te you,“I bow to you”).  A greeting or salutation. It's believed to come from ancient India and is used around the world. A greeting of respect by bringing the palms together at the chest, bowing and at the same time saying the word Namaste. In India, the palms together and bowing is generally what they do without saying Namaste, it's implied.

Namaste lets people know that they are no different than anyone else (all equal). We are all the same and none of the following measures us any different than anyone else: money, job, religion, race, location, strength, age and the list goes on.

Namaste is also a thank you to the Yoga teacher and thank you to the students from the teacher. When bowing the head in Namaste it's also a form of extending friendship in respect, humility and the freeing of ego. You can give a Namaste greeting in or outside of a Yoga class. Some add it to their signature on emails.

You can Google Namaste to get more of the philosophical meaning. I'm not philosophical in my writing or in my Yoga practice. My brain likes it simple, so I keep it simple:)

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

Yoga for Seniors DVDs are Here! Join the Contest

Healthy Yoga for Seniors Beginner & Intermediate DVDs are available!
And w
ith a chance to win a DVD from my Yoga Chuck Facebook page @yogachuck, see details below.

I will lead you through a gentle Yoga practice on these DVDs. They are a great place to start and include modifications for the poses shown in picture-in-picture. There perfect for those wanting or needing modifications. I've designed these DVDs for seniors and baby boomers, but suitable for those living with most any disability, illness, injury and/or physical limitations. I break down the poses as I walk you through the Yoga Practice so you understand what is happening with your body for proper alignment, balance and awareness. This allows what you’ve learned to be applied in your daily life. These DVDs help improve balance, flexibility, mobility, coordination, strength, circulation, respiration, digestion, and strengthening bones while the body is able to relax deeper for a calmer nervous system.

You have a chance to win a FREE DVD by going to my "Yoga Chuck" Facebook page @yogachuck and Share, Tag your friends and like the page. I've copy and pasted what the post says below:

Yoga for SENIORS DVD’s are here! To be entered in the drawing for a
chance to win a FREE beginner or intermediate DVD of your choice,
share this post, tag your friends, and make sure you like my page!
The deadline to enter is Friday, March 19th at 10:00 p.m., we will be
drawing for the winner LIVE after the deadline on March 20th
at 12:00 p.m.! If you would like to purchase a DVD, visit


Beginner          Intermediate           

Outside Continental U.S. Shipping Rate, Contact sales@yogachuck.com



BONUS POSES DVD (13 Minutes)
FREE when you buy both DVD’s
at the same time. Includes a demonstration
getting down and up from the floor safely.




































Back Pain Relief Without Drugs or Surgery

Must see NBC episode for back pain sufferers before drugs or surgery.

Yoga for Seniors DVDs, Coming Soon

Healthy Yoga for Seniors Beginner, 45 minutes
Healthy Yoga for Seniors Intermediate, 50 minutes
Healthy Yoga for Seniors Bonus Poses, 13 minutes
will be included when you buy the Beginner and Intermediate together.

I've finally finished the above videos that I talked about making early last year.

The data for these videos came from raw footage that was originally used for an online educational site shot by Heidelberg University. Many seniors and baby boomers contacted me and asked if this was available in DVD form because they weren't comfortable going on-line to purchase and stream these videos. So I edited the raw data for the DVDs, this was a big editing job for someone who knew next to nothing about editing. My wife who knew nothing about Adobe Photoshop worked on the graphics you see below. Once I gave her a starting point and a direction, she took off creating the sleeves, inserts and DVD graphics. I'm extremely happy with the finished product.

These videos will work great for Baby Boomers, Seniors, People with Disabilities, Illnesses, Injuries and/or Physical Limitations. Effective for anyone looking for a gentler yoga practice, no matter your age.

I was told the duplication will be finished next week. If all goes well I'll have them available in about a week or so. At that time you will be able to purchase them on my site, on Amazon or in my classes. If you are in the area you can also email me at chuck@yogachuck.com and you can buy it directly from me. This will save you the shipping fee.

Stay tuned and I will let you know when they are released.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck