May 11, 2017

Breakthrough Drug to Treat MS Wins FDA Approval

Breakthrough Drug to Treat Multiple Sclerosis Wins FDA Approval

Ocrevus has just been approved by the FDA. A drug like this has been a long time coming. Watch the NBC Evening News video below showing a patient who no longer needs the use of a wheelchair. Too bad it only works on two of the four types of MS. The two are Relapsing forms of MS (sudden flare-ups and remissions) to include Relapsing-Remitting MS and Primary Progressive MS (and it's the first drug for Primary Progress MS). For those with one of these two types of MS this drug would definitely be worth trying.
In 2005, when I was at my sickest point, I was told by my neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic that there was nothing more they could do for me since they had exhausted most every treatment, including chemotherapy, and nothing worked. I've been drug free since 2008 when I improved to the point I could function daily without any significant symptoms or a decline in health. Lifestyle changes that includes Yoga, I believe, changed my life to the healthy state I'm in now. If this drug was out in 2005, I would have been on it in a heartbeat. When you're in an accelerated downward spiral you'll do anything to slow down or reverse the illness decline. MS is a chronic disease so who knows what tomorrow will bring for me. At least I know Ocrevus is available If I ever need it in the future and I'm hoping it's the beginning for even better drugs and hopefully even a cure for MS.

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