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July 1, 2016
Life Is Like A Journey On A Train

This was in an email forwarded to my wife. Enjoy the reality of the train ride. Life Is Like A Journey On A Train Life is like a journey on a train...with its stations...with changes of routes...and with accidents. At birth, we board the train and meet our parents and we believe that they will […]

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June 23, 2016
Ayurveda 8

“Ayurveda 8”, Yoga Chuck’s Ayurveda Series. Flax seed This is a partial re-post I did on flax seed some time ago. I've added some additional information. Definitely worth reading. I use flax seed in my diet on a daily basis. Preliminary studies show that flax seed may help fight everything from heart disease, breast cancer […]

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June 7, 2016
Yoga Only?

Question, can you just do yoga and get a complete body workout that builds strength, stretching, cardio and calms the body? The short answer is yes. Yoga is great for the whole body by building strength and flexibility. It also relaxes and quiets the mind and body through breathing, holding and moving through poses.  And […]

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May 18, 2016
Men and Yoga, part 2

"Men and Yoga, part 2" Watch the cool video below. The strength and flexibility this man has and what he can do is amazing. This demonstrates what some people who are hyper flexible can do with their bodies in Yoga. I'm definitely not hyper flexible and cannot do what he can do. But I have […]

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May 12, 2016
Men and Yoga, part 1

"Men and Yoga, 1" I'm a man and I love Yoga. Something I definitely would not have said 15 years ago. I was a truck driver and would have never given a thought to Yoga no matter who I talked to about it. Things happen and we have to make adjustments in order to move […]

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April 27, 2016
2016 Columbus & Findlay, OH MS Walks

We Volunteered at the 2016 Columbus & Findlay, OH Multiple Sclerosis walks and had a good time as always. The Columbus walk was April 9th and the Findlay walk was last weekend April 23rd. At the Columbus MS walk my wife Carol, sister Mani (Manuela), her husband Derick, their son Devin, and their exchange student […]

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April 14, 2016
Healthy Knees and Yoga, 2

Alignment, Alignment, Alignment! Is as important as it gets for healthy knees. Starting with the feet since they are the base and the grounding for the rest of the body. If the feet are not aligned and balanced then it translates misalignment in the knees, causing possible knee pain and deterioration. Two common alignment problems […]

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April 7, 2016
Healthy Knees & Yoga, Part 1 of 2

Knees might be the second biggest complaint I hear about, with back pain being first. My three word theory on keeping knees healthy and there's probably more truth than theory to it: Alignment, Alignment, Alignment! We already know Yoga benefits all joints including the knees. Because Yoga brings the entire body into Alignment and balance […]

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