2020 Schedule & Descriptions

Classes at Yoga Chuck Health & Wellness
384 W. Market St. Tiffin, Ohio 44883

Class Pricing:
*Beginner Yoga $65 for 8-week session. Check with Studio for the next 8-week session.
*All classes except Gentle Chair – $10 Drop-in, $80-10 class pass (expires 12 months), $150-20 class pass (expires 6 months), $210-30 class pass (expires 6 months). Some restrictions apply.
*Gentle Chair Yoga – $6 Drop-in, $50-10 class pass (expires 12 months).
*First Time all classes $5.
*Student pricing with ID $6.

Beginner Yoga: Wednesdays 6:30pm. 8-week session, call to register for next session 419-618-1014

Level I: Monday 7:30am (1 hour), 9am, 4:30pm (1 hour), Wednesday 5:15pm (1 hour) & Late @ 8 at 8pm (1 hour), Friday 5:30am (1 hour) & 9:00am, Saturday 9am (1 hour).

Yin Yoga: Tuesday 6:30pm (1 hour)

Level II: Tuesday 9am and 7:00pm

Power Yoga: Thursday 5:15pm (1hr 25min)

Gentle Chair Yoga: Monday 6pm, Tuesday 1:30pm, Thursday 10:30am.

Moving Toward Mobility:  2nd Saturday of each month at 10:30am. A free class offered for those who experience limitations in their physical condition. These limitations may stem from chronic conditions, illnesses such as stroke, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, injury, arthritis, etc. This is a Chair class only. Located at 384 W. Market ST. Tiffin, Ohio. Same strip mall as Napoli Pizza.

Gentle Chair Yoga, Monday 6pm, Tuesday 1:30pm, and Thursday 10:30am.
50 min Yoga class working the whole body primarily from a Chair. This is a no-pain no-pain Yoga and you stay within your limits moving through poses in a safe controlled manner. There are standing poses with the aid of a chair if needed and you have the option of going to the floor the last 10 min for poses and relaxation. 2/3 of the class stays in the chair and I give modified poses and walk them through relaxation seated in the chair.

You will improve flexibility, strength, balance and increases body awareness, breathing, stress management, coordination, balance, circulation and more.

Almost everyone with any limited mobility issues, illness and/or injury can walk into this class and begin enjoying the benefits of the gentle poses anytime.  A pain-free comfortable, relaxed and fun class.