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Movement Loop, Video

Yoga Chuck August 22, 2013 0 comments 0

Many days I let my students pick a pose or two at the end of class and Movement Loop is often chosen. This is an enjoyable pose.

Movement Loop like most poses incorporates the entire body from head to toe. It builds strength, endurance, balance, alignment.  Works the hamstrings, calves, groins, shoulders, spine, neck, abdomen, sides of the torso, and internal organs. It is great for the mind since you’re continually working to align the body at the multiple steps in this pose. Movement Loop incorporates Gate Latch pose.

I hold each step in the pose a few seconds for demoing purposes. You can hold each part for 5 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute or you can flow through smoothly without stopping. Choose what works for you.

Starting from the floor on hands and knees (Table Pose). Inhaling take the right arm up looking up at that hand, exhale bringing the arm down and thread the needle by running the hand and arm behind the left arm dropping the right shoulder and head gently to the floor. Inhaling take the left arm up pointing the fingers toward the ceiling. Exhale back to Table Pose. Inhale extend the right leg out to the side. On your next inhalation bring the torso all the way up stacking the shoulders over the hips.

With the leg straight out to the side press the sole of the foot to the floor. Keep the knee in line with the heel.

You want the bent knee below it’s hip and the thigh perpendicular to the floor with the top of that foot on the floor lined up behind it’s thigh.
Exhaling laterally bend to the right side dropping the right hand to a comfortable place on the leg. Simultaneously extend the left arm while lengthening toward the right leg arching the left side with the palm facing down. Keep the torso aligned over the right leg with the hips and chest facing forward without twisting and turning the torso and shoulders. Look under the arm if comfortable or forward if the neck hurts and/or for balance.
Inhale come back up to center with the arms lengthened over your head. Exhale drop the left hand to the floor or on a prop like a block or book next to the left leg. Simultaneously arching the right side into a lateral curve looking under the arm if comfortable.
Inhale bring the torso all the way up with arms extended over the head. Exhale back to start, Table pose. Repeat on the other side.
Again you can flow smoothly from start to finish or pause at each part of the the pose. Modify this pose so that it works for you, use blankets under the knees, skip any part of the pose that does not agree with you, use a chair on both sides to rest your hand on for control and balance and/or limited side bending range.
Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck


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