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Yoga Chuck March 30, 2017 0 comments 0

What is Namaste? One of the most asked questions by my students. I give the simple explanation that it’s a greeting, letting each person or group of people know that we are all equal.

Namaste is said at the closing of a Yoga class, usually following Savasana (relaxation). Namaste is a Sankrit word (nama to bow and te you,“I bow to you”).  A greeting or salutation. It’s believed to come from ancient India and is used around the world. A greeting of respect by bringing the palms together at the chest, bowing and at the same time saying the word Namaste. In India, the palms together and bowing is generally what they do without saying Namaste, it’s implied.

Namaste lets people know that they are no different than anyone else (all equal). We are all the same and none of the following measures us any different than anyone else: money, job, religion, race, location, strength, age and the list goes on.

Namaste is also a thank you to the Yoga teacher and thank you to the students from the teacher. When bowing the head in Namaste it’s also a form of extending friendship in respect, humility and the freeing of ego. You can give a Namaste greeting in or outside of a Yoga class. Some add it to their signature on emails.

You can Google Namaste to get more of the philosophical meaning. I’m not philosophical in my writing or in my Yoga practice. My brain likes it simple, so I keep it simple:)

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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