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Parkinson’s and Cycling

Yoga Chuck May 25, 2017 0 comments 0

“Parkinson’s and Cycling”
The video below is from the NBC Evening news that aired about a month ago. Back in 2013 I had posted information on my site about this very same thing and then re-posted it in 2015 after I spoke at a Parkinson’s support group meeting. Now that it has gotten more attention and making it to the evening news I wanted to share with you the latest information.
What I’ve talked about in the past is that I believe it not only works for Parkinson’s, but I get benefits that help with my MS.  Click to see what I shared about how I believe spinning on either a stationary or road bike works and helps someone with a neurological disease. Just to be clear, it’s not a spinning class at a fitness center. You are spinning the peddles 85 – 90 RPMs. Depending on your fitness level, this may not be possible without some kind of assisted devise forcing you to turn at those RPMs.

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