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Q & A Interview for MS Video with Julie Wilhelm, DPT

Yoga Chuck April 18, 2013 0 comments 0

Last video shoot was Sunday for the Multiple Sclerosis Yoga video that Jennifer Gebhart and I have been working on. It went well and we now have at least 2 hours of video with several chapters. Four of the main chapters include Chair Yoga, Floor Yoga, Care Giver Yoga and Advanced Yoga which includes standing and floor poses.


We also have parts on Fatigue, 5 Minute Yoga and an Interview with Julie Wilhelm, Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Julie Wilhelm, DPT had amazing answers to questions put together from experiences Jenn and I have had in our classes. This video will be worth having just to see this part. She delivered extensive information on the questions I asked her relating to issues with MS.

The 5 Minute Yoga chapter, which was also shot on Sunday, is for people on the go with no time for themselves . This 5 Minute Yoga chapter involves most of the body with a restorative relaxation at the end. I tell my students it’s better to do something than to do nothing, you will thank yourself later. Who knows, this 5 Minute Yoga may lead to bigger and better things for you. FYI: When I started, I was only able to do a five minute¬† yoga practice because of my energy level. Followed by a 20 minute recovery lying in the middle of the living room because of fatigue and exhaustion.

The first three pictures are of Julie Wilhelm, DPT and I doing the question and answer interview and the last one is of TJ Wasserman, student at Heidelberg University, in the control room making it all happen.

TJ Wasserman has been there from the start videotaping and editing. We truly appreciate his hard work and dedication through the whole process. A couple of weekends we traveled 1 1/2 hours away to videotape at a friends studio, Nurture Yoga in Dublin. And we even spent one night to get as much accomplished as we could that weekend and TJ never missed a beat. Thanks TJ.

Carol, my wife, who you saw in previous photos has been a huge part in helping put this video together. Carol works behind the scenes and it doesn’t stop when the shooting is done she has researched and helped in every way imaginable. She also put up with me:(. So a big Thank You to you Carol.


I understand!


Great explanation Julie!!


You make it look so easy TJ!!!

We are hoping the video will be available by the end of summer.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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