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Sad Week

Yoga Chuck December 19, 2012 0 comments 0

The news of the unthinkable tragic and depressing Connecticut school shooting last Friday has emotionally touched a part of all of us. I also lost a Hospice Client the next day, who I had become friends with that I had been visiting since April.

I, like everyone else was blind sided by the shooting and stunned with disbelief. The distance between the event and us, does not matter, it still effects us. In our silent moment we may just ponder how lucky we are it’s not our family or community. But it runs through our head that in a blink of an eye everything as we know it can be gone and our lives paused but hopefully not stopped.

I consider myself lucky to have known the lady I had been visiting who if alive would have celebrated her 65th birthday Monday. Her being a Hospice Client I came in knowing the outcome and was prepared. In my weekly visits I treated her with Reiki and Aromatherapy that actually gave her temporary pain relief that could not be controlled by drugs. By the time she passed she was so uncomfortable and in misery it was more of a positive energy feeling when she passed since I knew she was no longer suffering.

All in all life is good,  we can pretty much choose a path and begin a journey with some minor bumps in the road or an occasional detour, no big deal really.  But then out of no where the road ends without a detour and no preparation could have been done to prepare us. In those situations you no longer have control and something or someone has destroyed a part of your life. Things do happen that we have no control over and our path is changed forever.

Just remember if you haven fallen into a dark place because of a natural disaster, death of a loved one or a Connecticut shooting type of tragedy, your life is not over, you have a lot to live for and give. Our lives are a give and take, so if you lean toward the giving side you will notice a healing, positive energy, sense of accomplishment, balance, etc. This could be the first step in coming back to what is socially called a normal life.

ENJOY THE MOMENT for what it is since the past has passed and every tomorrow has yet to reveal itself.

Healthy & Happy,
Yoga Chuck

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