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Walk MS, Findlay & Columbus

Yoga Chuck May 3, 2017 0 comments 0

Walk for Multiple Sclerosis:
Last weekend was the 2017 Findlay, Ohio Walk MS at the Koehler Athletic Complex of Findlay University. My wife Carol, nephew Austin and James, the young man I mentor (pictured with me below) all volunteered. We helped set up before the walk and worked at different stations during the walk. Most of the walkers walked the track inside the Koehler Athletic Complex because the weather did not agree with an outside walk this year. The Findlay Walk was lucky to have James volunteering for them the second year in a row. He is a non-stop hard worker and he enjoys helping support the walkers at the MS Walk. A couple of ladies were fighting over who was going to get to work with him next year.

Next Saturday, May 13 is the Columbus, Ohio Walk MS located at the Columbus Zoo. Carol and James along with other family members of mine will be volunteering. If you don’t have plans next Saturday morning, come walk and maybe I’ll see you there. We usually work the final food stop, let me know if you are there, I’ll be the bald guy:) The site opens at 7 a.m. walk begins at 8 a.m. The walk is inside the Zoo so you then spend the rest of the day at the Zoo. Register online or the day of.


Yoga Chuck & James
Manning the food station of donated food.


Yoga Chuck & Pat.
Pat lead the Findlay, Ohio MS Support group for years and years until she past the torch to Dana a few years ago. A former teacher with MS who put her heart and soul into the meetings and the annual Walk MS. She continues to volunteer. She’s an inspiration! Love you Pat, never quite!







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