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Yoga Chuck’s Physical Routine

Yoga Chuck February 6, 2012 0 comments 0

Below are the physical practices I do weekly, I believe it helps and works for me. We are all different and some things I do, your body may not agree with.

Also the way that I do the below items may not work for you. If you choose to try any start slow and maybe even skip days to adjust slowly. It’s not a sprint but an ultra marathon so if you go out to fast you’ll hit the wall and crash leading to stopping practice due to frustration. Posts to follow will have detail on routines below.

  • Yoga done at least 60¬†minutes 6 days a week.
  • Seventh day is rest just a few minutes of Yoga to lubricate joints.
  • Ride bike or spinner at least :40 minutes 3 X per week.
  • Abdominal work 3 X per week.
  • Hand grips, squeeze hand grips 3 X per week.
  • Round balance board 3 X per week.
  • Kegel exercise 3 X per week.
  • Inversions at least 5 minutes 6 X per week.
  • Static Dip hang feet off floor, hold and relax 40 seconds 6 X per week.
  • Static hang from hands, bent knees tops of feet on floor, hold and relax 40 seconds 6 X per week.
  • Notice breathing different times during day as well as Breathing Practice several times a week.

Descriptions of why and how I do each in following posts.

Health & Happy,
Yoga Chuck

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