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Yoga for Seniors DVDs, Coming Soon

Yoga Chuck January 23, 2017 0 comments 0

Healthy Yoga for Seniors Beginner, 45 minutes
Healthy Yoga for Seniors Intermediate, 50 minutes
Healthy Yoga for Seniors Bonus Poses, 13 minutes
will be included when you buy the Beginner and Intermediate together.

I’ve finally finished the above videos that I talked about making early last year.

The data for these videos came from raw footage that was originally used for an online educational site shot by Heidelberg University. Many seniors and baby boomers contacted me and asked if this was available in DVD form because they weren’t comfortable going on-line to purchase and stream these videos. So I edited the raw data for the DVDs, this was a big editing job for someone who knew next to nothing about editing. My wife who knew nothing about Adobe Photoshop worked on the graphics you see below. Once I gave her a starting point and a direction, she took off creating the sleeves, inserts and DVD graphics. I’m extremely happy with the finished product.

These videos will work great for Baby Boomers, Seniors, People with Disabilities, Illnesses, Injuries and/or Physical Limitations. Effective for anyone looking for a gentler yoga practice, no matter your age.

I was told the duplication will be finished next week. If all goes well I’ll have them available in about a week or so. At that time you will be able to purchase them on my site, on Amazon or in my classes. If you are in the area you can also email me at and you can buy it directly from me. This will save you the shipping fee.

Stay tuned and I will let you know when they are released.

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

































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