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“Yoga for Seniors” promo video

Yoga Chuck September 30, 2015 0 comments 0

This short YouTube video features my students Debi Wilson 60, Jackie Fletcher 74, Bob Oelson 76, Vera Smith 80 and Janet Booth 90 talking about why they do Yoga. The 17 lesson “Yoga for Seniors” video is located on (an education website).
Watch and practice with the seven day free trial. If you subscribe to through this link: you’ll receive a 20% discount that will entitle you to watch all videos on These are the same gentle poses I teach in several of my Yoga classes with students 60 and over or with restricted mobility.

Yoga is an incredibly powerful practice that builds strength, flexibility, and balance. But traditional poses can be challenging, or even risky, for seniors and people with limited mobility. With the “Yoga for Seniors” video you’ll learn how to stretch and strengthen every muscle, with guidance on avoiding pain, reducing the risk of injury, and promoting relaxation. Don’t let age prevent you from reaping the benefits of yoga!

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck

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